Hanoi prohibits people from exercising in public gardens and parks


Vuon Thu Ha Noi 2



Hanoi to ban all citizens from exercising at parks and gardens in large numbers (I translated this over from Vietnamese literally so, don’t judge)

The office of Hanoi People’s Committee has published a conclusion note by Mr. Chử Xuân Dũng, Vice Chair of the Committee about the COVID-19 containment work in the city.

The note stated that, during recent times, Hanoi had registered many COVID-19 cases in the general populace and other cases which had connections to Hanoi. With the risk of an outbreak at an all-time high, Mr. Dũng has ordered all related authority bodies to push the spread of COVID-prevention messages harder. Also, Hanoi leadership has also requested its citizens to avoid crowding at public places, maintain a minimum distance of 1m and hold funerals and weddings accordingly.

Temporarily suspend all operations of high risk services such as cinemas, spas, gyms, large gatherings in public places and citizens mustn’t do any exercises in parks, public gardens and other public places until further notice. With other sports activities at stadiums, the Committee had ordered the Department of Culture and Sports and local COVID committees to judge and decide and held total responsibility in case of an outbreak

With the districts that contain areas with confirmed cases, the city ordered local authorities to enforce a “nobody in, nobody out” policy with that specific area.




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