Hà Giang is one of the famous tourist destinations in the North, making the Ha Giang Loop a highly popular motorcycle route in Vietnam. The shortest suggested itinerary requires at least 4 days for exploration. However, in Hà Giang and nearby places like Sapa, Cao Bằng, there are many interesting spots, and you can extend your time to fully experience the beauty of each route. Below are our proposed itineraries.

4+ Days: Ha giang loop

Departing from AZ MOTORBIKES, it takes approximately 8 hours to reach Hà Giang, potentially consuming the first day of the itinerary. However, immerse yourself in the diverse roads and landscapes along the way. The ultimate destination at the end of the day is the city of Hà Giang.

On the second day, the route is as follows: Hà Giang city – Quản Bạ – Đồng Văn – Lũng Cú. En route from Quản Bạ to Đồng Văn, consider visiting “Yên Minh Pine Forest” (Yên Ninh). Additionally, two must-visit sites on this route are the “Hmong King Palace” and the “Lũng Cú Flagpole.”

The third day’s itinerary is as follows: Lũng Cú – Mèo Vạc – Du Già – Hà Giang City. To reach Mèo Vạc, you’ll traverse the perilous Mã Pí Lèng Pass, renowned for its breathtaking yet challenging natural scenery. From Mèo Vạc, venture into the heart of the Hà Giang mountains and head towards Du Già. The roads here are smaller and more secluded than the previous days. In Du Gia, you can visit waterfalls and relax. The final stop of the day is the city of Hà Giang.

On the fourth day, you can begin the journey back to Hanoi, following the route from the first day.

7+ Days: Sapa - Hà Giang - Ba Bể

This itinerary is quite similar to the one above but includes two new destinations, Sapa and Ba Be. Sapa is also a renowned tourist destination in the Northwestern region, featuring the unmissable Fansipan Peak, known as the “Roof of Indochina.” Fansipan is highly popular among trekkers and mountaineers, offering not only breathtaking natural landscapes but also a challenging ascent to conquer the highest peak. You can spend 2-3 days in Sapa exploring this top tourist attraction before dedicating the majority of your time to exploring Ha Giang.

The journey concludes at Ba Be National Park. Visitors to Ba Be often engage in activities such as kayaking on the lake, visiting indigenous villages, and exploring remarkable natural landmarks like Puong Cave and Dong Cao Peak.
The itinerary for the destinations is as follows: AZ MOTORBIKES – Sapa – Hà Giang City – Quản Bạ – Đồng Văn – Lũng Cú – Mèo Vạc – Ba Bể Lake – AZ MOTORBIKES.


This route is the longest for the Hà Giang itinerary. It starts from Bắc Kạn, heading towards Cao Bằng before reaching Hà Giang. The route is characterized by a high off-road level as it closely follows the border. If you enjoy the adventure of motorbiking, this route is a suggestion for you. However, it also passes through tourist spots that you can explore through physical activities such as trekking or kayaking. Staying for about 2 days to engage in these activities is a great idea.

As you reach the fourth day of the itinerary, you can begin the exploration of Hà Giang from Pác Bó. The endpoint of the route is in the city of Hà Giang. You can stay overnight here and start the journey back to Hanoi the next morning.

The route passes through points such as: AZ MOTORBIKES – Bắc Kạn – Ba Vì National Park – Cao Bằng City – Bản Giốc Waterfall – Pác Bó – Mèo Vạc – Đồng Văn – Hà Giang City – AZ MOTORBIKES