7 Simple Motorcycle Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Motorcycles are the primary mode of transportation in Vietnam for various activities such as leisure, commuting, and daily work. Due to their high usage, breakdowns are common occurrences. However, not everyone pays attention to preventive maintenance; instead, they only seek repair services when their motorcycles encounter issues. This is why AZ MOTORBIKES aims to provide our valued customers with common, simple motorcycle maintenance tips to keep their bikes in good working condition and extend their lifespan.

The Importance of Oil Engine Changes for Your Motorcycle

Oil Engine is an essential component that plays a crucial role in maintaining your motorcycle engine’s performance and smooth operation. However, many people underestimate the importance of timely oil changes, and some hold misconceptions, such as changing oil every 3 to 4 months regardless of usage or even neglecting it for an entire year until they notice a drop in performance. It may be too late by that time, leading to severe engine damage.

According to recommendations, you should change your motorcycle’s oil every 1000 kilometers to ensure optimal engine performance.

At AZ MOTORBIKES, we require regular monthly check-ups when you rent a motorcycle. This is a mandatory requirement to keep the bike in the best possible condition. Our mechanics will inspect and replace the oil entirely free of charge, ensuring that your motorcycle is always in top shape.

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Tire and Inner Tube and Tire Concerns

When it comes to inner tubes  for motorcycles, users should avoid excessive patching. If you have to patch it two or three times or more, it’s advisable to replace it entirely. The cost of repeatedly patching the inner tube can become close to the expense of getting a new one. More importantly, using a patched inner tube multiple times may compromise safety, especially when traveling at high speeds.

Similarly, when it comes to motorcycle tires , users should opt for standard tires with the appropriate size for their specific type of motorcycle. These tires should be purchased from authorized dealerships or reputable brands. Typically, users should consider replacing their tires after every 40,000 kilometers to ensure safety on the road.

At AZ MOTORBIKES, we offer a complimentary monthly inspection of the quality of inner tubes and tires for your rented motorcycle. If, under these conditions, replacements are deemed necessary, it is our responsibility to ensure your safety by promptly taking care of this. Your safety is our priority.

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Issues Related to the Motorcycle Braking System

Many motorcycle riders often overlook their braking system, allowing the brake performance to deteriorate to the point where they need to apply excessive force on the brakes, sometimes even using both the front and rear brakes simultaneously, yet the motorcycle continues to move several meters before coming to a complete stop. Properly adjusting the braking system to ensure effective braking performance is of utmost importance and necessity. The goal is that when you apply both brakes evenly, the motorcycle should come to an immediate stop without the need for additional travel.

Over time, brake pads will gradually wear down, and to ensure that the brakes continue to function effectively, users need to have their brakes tightened at repair shops. However, when the brake pads have worn down excessively, users will need to replace them. Brake pads are one of those components that don’t visibly deteriorate at first glance, but users should be conscious and proactive about replacement before it’s too late. Typically, users should replace their brake pads after covering a distance of 25,000 – 30,000 kilometers.

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New Brake Pads (Top) and Worn Brake Pads (Bottom)

At AZ MOTORBIKES, conducting brake inspections is a mandatory and essential task. We understand that the brakes on your motorcycle play the most critical role in ensuring your safety.

Motorcycle Battery Concerns

Currently, dry cell batteries (sealed lead-acid batteries that don’t require periodic water refilling and are also known as maintenance-free batteries) are widely used for their convenience and safety. Typically, we only replace the battery when it’s completely dead, as indicated by sudden engine starting problems, weak horn or its complete absence, and dimmed dashboard and turn signal lights.

What is the average lifespan of a motorcycle battery? The lifespan of a motorcycle battery varies depending on individual cases and usage patterns. Generally, if a motorcycle battery is regularly maintained, and the charging system is working correctly, its lifespan can extend to nearly 4 years. However, in reality, the lifespan of a dry cell battery is typically around 3 years.


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dry cell batteries


Chain and Sprocket Issues (for semi-automatic bike)

Over time, a motorcycle’s chain tends to loosen, and both the sprocket and chain can wear down. When the chain becomes loose, mechanics will adjust it, but eventually, the chain can’t be tightened anymore. As a temporary solution, some may resort to removing a few links from the chain, but this should only be done once. Motorcycles with loose chains produce an annoying clashing noise when accelerating or moving, as the chain contacts the sprocket.

Even though it hasn’t “failed” yet, riding with a loose chain is highly dangerous. There is a risk of it coming off while on the road or, at high speeds, causing an accident for the rider.

Typically, the best time to replace the set of sprockets, chain, and guides is after covering a distance of 15,000 – 20,000 kilometers (for these parts, it’s advisable to replace the whole set rather than individual components).

The rate at which chains become loose can depend on the type of roads regularly traveled (rough and hilly roads tend to wear chains faster) or the load carried. Therefore, when you notice a loose chain or if it has been fully tightened and continues to make noise, it’s essential to replace it promptly. This is a frequently emphasized issue in motorcycle maintenance for semi-automatic bike


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Mirror Issues

Having two mirrors when riding a motorcycle is crucial for safety as it allows the rider to have a complete view of both sides of the road behind them.

In cases where a mirror is cracked or broken, it’s essential for users to purchase genuine replacement mirrors from the motorcycle manufacturer. Genuine mirrors are designed with safety and reliability in mind, unlike cheaper, aftermarket alternatives. Similarly, the horn is also vital for signaling when entering or reminding other road users. If the horn is damaged, users should not overlook it but instead replace it promptly to ensure their safety.

Ensuring that both mirrors are functional and that the horn works is part of responsible motorcycle maintenance and contributes significantly to rider safety.

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Odometer and Speedometer Cable Issues

Many motorcycles, after a period of relatively frequent use, may experience issues with the speedometer cable (odometer). However, users often underestimate the importance of this component and continue to ride without addressing the problem. It’s essential to understand that the speedometer cable plays a significant role in determining the distance traveled by the motorcycle, allowing you to track when it’s necessary to replace various parts for safety (such as changing the oil, brake pads, chain and sprocket, inner tubes, and tires). Additionally, it helps you control your speed when traveling through speed-limited zones.

Ignoring issues with the odometer and speedometer cable can lead to inaccurate mileage tracking and difficulty in managing essential maintenance tasks. Therefore, addressing these issues promptly is crucial for both safety and proper motorcycle maintenance.

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With the provided insights, it is our hope that you now possess some fundamental knowledge to inspect your motorcycle and keep it in the best possible condition, thus extending its lifespan.

At AZ MOTORBIKES, with our long-term rental policy, our motorcycles undergo rigorous quality checks before reaching your hands. Every month, your motorcycle will receive free regular inspections, including an overall assessment and oil changes.

Come and experience our high-quality service at AZ MOTORBIKES.


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